We work holistically to respond to the individual needs of bereaved parents, children and families.

The Laura Centre offers a range of free bereavement counselling services for adults, families and young people. We provide one to one therapy, systemic family work, therapeutic groups and an advice line. 

Each person accessing the service is first offered an initial assessment and then given the appropriate bereavement care depending on their individual needs. 

The support offered respects the uniqueness of bereavement for individuals, providing each person with an opportunity to explore their emotions and grief process in an environment which is welcoming, safe and confidential.

Our Leicester-based centre comprises a team of trusted and experienced bereavement specialists. We have a multi-disciplinary approach and work alongside other professionals as and where required to aid the client’s healing process.

Adult & Couples Support

Designed to help grieving adults and couples through the loss of a child.

Child, Young People & Family Support

For children and young people who have lost a parent, carer or sibling.

Anticipated Loss

Helping you navigate the complexities of a terminal diagnosis.

Advice Line

Open to anyone who is concerned about the wellbeing of a grieving young person.