Every effort you make will help us provide vital bereavement services to families across Leicester.

At The Laura Centre, our dedicated efforts to provide essential bereavement services are made possible through the hard work and contributions of our donors. 

When you choose to fundraise with us, you will become an essential part of a compassionate community dedicated to bringing comfort to those navigating the challenging path of grief.

But fundraising for The Laura Centre isn’t just about raising funds – it’s about raising hope and support for those that need it the most.

It’s an opportunity to empower change and make a profound impact on lives.

Whether you’re an individual, a group or business, your unique fundraising journey can make a difference. From setting up an online campaign in memory of a loved one to running the London Marathon, there are countless ways to get involved and contribute to our vital resources that help families heal.

Charity Fundraising Ideas

Events & Challenges
Events & Challenges
Are you looking to organise a bake sale or craft fair? Or perhaps you’d like to run a 10km in memory of a loved one? Using our partnered platform Raisely, you can create your very own charity fundraiser for The Laura Centre.
Online Shopping
Online Shopping
With Easy Fundraising or Give As You Live, you can raise money for The Laura Centre at no extra cost. Just create an account on either platform, select The Laura Centre as your chosen charity and start shopping.
Make A Donation
Make A Donation
If you’ve collected money for The Laura Centre, or you’d like to make a contribution, you can donate via Raisely. For £10 we can buy refreshments for our clients, and for £50 we can buy materials for group and one-to-one therapy.

Volunteer For The Laura Centre

Are you seeking a volunteering opportunity in Leicester? By donating your time and skills to The Laura Centre, you will become a crucial pillar of support for families navigating the challenging path of bereavement.

Whether you’re assisting in organising events, lending a hand in administrative tasks or offering a compassionate presence as a placement counsellor, your contribution will enable us to extend our reach and create a nurturing environment for those seeking support. 

Volunteering with The Laura Centre isn’t just about what you give – it’s about the positive impact you leave behind and the connections you forge that last a lifetime.

Contact Us

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