Holistic bereavement support in a family-orientated, approachable and welcoming environment.

The Laura Centre is a dedicated grief charity situated in Leicester. Focused on helping families rebuild their lives following a devastating loss, our bereavement support considers the uniqueness of every individual. 

Founded by Gail and Harry Moore in 1988 after their daughter Laura was diagnosed with Leukaemia, The Laura Centre is the sole project of the charity COPE.

COPE’s initial work focused on providing a range of services for children with cancer and their families.

Following the sad death of Laura in 1991, Gail and Harry became acutely aware of the lack of help for bereavement. This led to them opening The Laura Centre in October 1991 to provide therapeutic support to anyone bereaved of a child or young person. In 1994 our service was extended to include support for children bereaved of a parent or carer.

In the years since, our vital grief counselling services have provided a lifeline to thousands of families across the East Midlands. The holistic support we offer respects the uniqueness of bereavement, and the spiritual, cultural and emotional aspects of grief.

We Are Committed To Providing Help For Bereavement

We Are Committed To Providing Help For Bereavement

At The Laura Centre, we pledge to:

  • Offer our services in a family oriented, approachable and welcoming environment in Leicester.

  • Provide free bereavement support that respects the uniqueness of the experience of grief for every individual.

  • Continually develop our services to respond to the needs of our clients.

Our Mission

At The Laura Centre, we realise that a death in the family is a devastating and traumatic loss. That’s why our support is tailored to recognise the lifelong impact of death, and open up the conversation surrounding grief. 

Working closely with dedicated and highly trained counsellors, our mission is to discover solutions to help each individual find their own way to cope. This includes; confidential bereavement counselling, anticipatory grief counselling, a bereavement service helpline and therapeutic group sessions.

Train With The Laura Centre

Bespoke training opportunities designed to provide help for bereavement.

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Young People Resources
Young People Resources
Free resources designed to help young people understand their evolving emotions.
Adult Resources
Adult Resources
Helpful book lists, charities and worksheets for adults seeking bereavement support.
Professional Resources
Professional Resources
Comprehensive and varied resources for schools, businesses and local authorities.