Our bereavement support helps grieving adults navigate their journey through loss.

At The Laura Centre, we understand that dealing with the loss of a child at any age can be a challenging and heartbreaking experience. That’s why our dedicated services are designed to help you find ways to cope, heal and ultimately move forward.

Our one-on-one talking therapy provides a confidential and supportive environment to explore your grief and emotions. Likewise, our couples bereavement counselling is designed to provide an open space to work through grief, strengthen bonds and improve communication.

Therapeutic group work can also be offered as part of a client’s journey. 

Led by our experienced therapists, you’ll learn to develop coping mechanisms that will help manage the various challenges that arise from the loss of a child. 

To enquire about bereavement counselling, or refer one of your clients, please speak to a member of our team on 0116 254 4341. Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page to discover our opening hours and more.

Dealing With The Loss Of A Child

Grief is a complex and personal journey. But at The Laura Centre, we’re dedicated to supporting grieving parents through the difficult stages of bereavement. 

Our counsellors have selected a range of resources to help you navigate the unique challenges that arise from such a profound loss.

Services For Children, Young People & Families

At The Laura Centre, we also provide free bereavement counselling for children, young people and families who have experienced the loss of a parent, carer or sibling. 

Led by qualified therapists, this support recognises that children and young people grieve differently from adults, and provides a safe space to help them express their feelings and thoughts comfortably.

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