Every year, we lean on our fantastic community to run the London Marathon for The Laura Centre. And this year, Adam, Tom, Donna and Josh are taking on the challenge! 

On Sunday 21st April, four athletes will meet at the starting line of the London Marathon for our bereavement charity. For the best part of a year, they’ve trained relentlessly to take on the challenge. And in doing so, they’ll raise vital funds for The Laura Centre.

Here’s why Adam, Tom, Donna and Josh have chosen to support our charity this year. 

Adam Day

In 2011, Adam sadly lost his mum, brother and younger sister. Only three years before, his dad had run the London Marathon for Crimestoppers – an independent charity that helps people report crimes anonymously. Adam’s dad ran the race in just three and a half hours – an achievement that Adam said he “was too young to appreciate at the time”

Following the bereavement, The Laura Centre provided counselling for Adam and his sister. Through our compassionate care, Adam and his family began to navigate their journey to healing and recovery. But exercise significantly helped Adam with his mental health too.

In 2021, he ran his first half marathon for CALM. And since September 2023, Adam has run the Big Half Marathon, the Leicester Half Marathon and the Polar Night Half Marathon all in support of The Laura Centre, and in memory of his family. 

With the London Marathon left to go, he’s only £300 away from achieving his £3,000 fundraising goal.

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London marathon runners

(L-R Adam Day & Tom Robotham)

Tom Robotham

Having lived in Leicester for his entire life, Tom wanted to raise funds for a charity that supported the local community. However, he also has a personal connection to The Laura Centre too. 

In 2016, Tom lost his sister-in-law. At The Laura Centre, we supported a family member throughout the aftermath of the bereavement. We also worked closely with a friend of Tom’s following the death of their daughter Emily-Rose. In Tom’s own words, “fundraising for The Laura Centre isn’t just about raising funds – it’s about raising hope for those that need it the most.”

A seasoned athlete, Tom’s first marathon was the Liverpool Marathon in 2019. Over the years, he has completed 6 and a half official half marathons, and entered many other organised race events. Though he never thought he would run a marathon again, the London Marathon was a challenge he couldn’t turn down! 

In April, Tom hopes to complete the London Marathon in a personal best time, whilst soaking up the atmosphere and raising as much as possible for The Laura Centre. 

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Donna Reid

Two years ago, Donna lost her niece Darcy at the age of 23. The result of a road traffic accident, it was an unexpected tragedy. 

During their time of need, The Laura Centre provided Donna’s family with a place to express their grief in a safe, understanding and confidential environment. And to help us continue to provide that support, Donna has taken on the challenge of the London Marathon in Darcy’s memory. 

Donna shared that the London Marathon will be one of the most difficult challenges she’s ever faced, but for one of the most worthy causes she could ever imagine. 

As Donna prepares to lace up her running shoes, she carries with her the memory of Darcy.

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(L-R Donna Reid & Josh Fletcher)

Josh Fletcher

Like our other runners, Josh knows first-hand how important The Laura Centre is. In 2009, his sister turned to our service following the loss of their dad. And since 2013, his fantastic mum Donna has worked with us as a referrals manager. 

At the age of just 21, Josh ran his first marathon. Eleven years later, with the encouragement of both Donna and his partner Laura, he’s made the decision to tackle the race once again.

As Josh embarks on the challenging task ahead, he carries with him the unwavering support of both his family and The Laura Centre, and a goal of completing the course in 4 hours.

Josh understands only too well how bereavement support is often needed but not always readily available. But, in his own words, “with your support and my efforts, hopefully we can make just a little difference to help The Laura Centre continue their vital work.”

Click here to learn more about Josh’s story or donate to his fundraiser.

The money that our runners raise for The Laura Centre is invaluable in sustaining our vital services. But their commitment to our cause goes far beyond fundraising. It serves as proof for those who are struggling with loss that easier days are ahead.

Through their inspiring dedication, Adam, Tom, Donna and Josh remind us that together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of those that have been affected by bereavement.