Easyfundraising and Easysearch

13th June 2017

Both Easyfundraising and Easysearch raise money for us without it costing you a penny. By using Easysearch as you on-line search engine you will raise a penny for us with each search.It may not so9und a loot but just think how many times you search the web each day and then multiply that by all you friends and family.

Easyfundraising is even better as it raises money for us whilst you shop. Just log in and select the on-line retailer, make your purchase and, hey presto, we get a donation from the retailer – oi couldn’t be easier. To show you just how easy it si we have put together a couple of videos. One shows how to register and the other how to use Easyfundraising. remember that this way of raising money costs you nothing.
How to register for Easyfundraising
How to use Easyfundraising.