Quiet Room

The Quiet Room has always been an important part of services we provide at The Laura Centre. It is intended to be a peaceful space where you can be with your thoughts, feelings and memories. Our intention is to create a multi faith room where your own personal beliefs are respected.


The Quiet Room was originally made possible by Jan and Steve Williams. Their son John Williams died in 1991 at the age of 11. Jan and Steve were the first bereaved parents to use the Centre. John’s school raised a considerable amount of money for us which was put towards establishing the Quiet Room.


The Room was originally located on the top floor. Barrie, Ann and Andrew Meades donated considerable funds which enabled us to renovate and furnish this floor, mainly through Barrie’s efforts in running the London Marathon. The family also donated our Book of Remembrance which is kept in the Quiet Room. The fundraising was carried out in memory of their son, David Meades who tragically died of leukaemia in 1990 at the age of 18.


In September 2006 The Quiet Room was re-located to its current position on the ground floor. This was part of a re-organisation and alteration to the Centre in order to make all of our Services more accessible and inclusive to all our clients.Before the Room was moved there were a number of writings and photographs displayed which had been placed there by our clients over the years. These are treasured by us and are now kept in albums in the Room. Other items that lived in the Quiet Room have been safely stored by us.


Items of worship and prayer are available in the room for a number of different faiths as well as meditation guides and a selection of music.


The room can be booked through reception or through your counsellor.


You may bring any item with you to make the Room a place that is special for you but we ask that you take these away with you when you have finished using the Room. If you have a poem or photograph which you would like to share with others you are welcome to put it on the display board in the Room with the help of our Reception staff or your counsellor. To keep the space free for everyone after a month we would place these items in one of our albums which are available for anyone to look through and read, or you may want them returned to you.