Fundraising Sites

There are three established sites for raising money on-line: Just Giving, Charity Giving and BT My Donate. Each of these operates differently and has set charges for operating their service. Below we have put information about each service as well as a link to the site. By visiting any of these you will be able to ‘build and launch’ your event. We have listed them in the order that is the most beneficial to the charity.


As the name suggests this is operated by BT who offer the service completely free of any charges other than the standard credit card charge (which is controlled by the banks and not BT). This being the case we will benefit most from this service as a greater proportion of the money donated will actually get to us.
Click on the ‘Visit our page’ link below if you wish to set up a fundraising page. You can also make a donation at this site. Thank you.



Although the best known of the established sites it is the most costly from the charity’s point of view as they charge us a standard monthly fee plus a small commission as well as the standard credit card charge. They are however the site best known by the public and therefore the most popular. By clicking the button below you can set up your own fundraising page.